It is our top priority at ProStart Construction to maintain a clean job site from start to finish. Our installers are equipped with dump trailers that are pulled away by our trucks at the end of the work day which means no waiting for the unsightly commercial dumpsters to be removed, This also removes the chance of damage caused by dumpster drops to the lawn/sidewalks or driveway.

Why Are We The Best?

Here at Prostart Construction, our staff is committed to creating a clear understanding of the entire process, from start to finish, within their storm related insurance claim. From the first initial assessment of damage, to the final walk through with your insurance representative. This will enable your insurance company to confirm our superior products, installation, then to finalize the claim in its entirety.


ProStart Construction installs every type of roof, using every type of shingle there is on the market to date. Our installers are the best in the business, abide by OSHA standards for safety, and use the 6 Nail Method, instead of the 5 nail procedure most of our competitors use. The 6 Nail Method is a more secure way of holding the shingles to the roof structure. Shingle warranties can range from a 20 year manufacturers to lifetime.

Siding, Soffit and Fascia

ProStart Construction uses only the highest quality siding, soffit and fascia products. Our soffit and fascia is PVC coated and can be matched identically to the existing colors of your home. Prostart Constructions siding, soffit and fascia installers are the best in the business and take great pride in their workmanship. You will immediately notice the difference in the quality of our product, as well as the experience of our team.

Windows & Gutters

The ProStart Construction team installs nothing but top of the line windows and Gutters. ProStart Construction installers are highly experienced and educated on the products we use. The ProStart Construction team of installers have over 30 years of experience and are the best in the industry. From the time we pull up, to the time we leave, your home’s integrity is our number one priority.